Say Goodbye to Your Outdated Electrical Panel

Contact Zapco Electric for an electrical panel upgrade in Waller, Katy or Spring, TX

You might be excited to use your new household appliances, but can your outdated electrical system even power them up? If you're not sure, reach out to Zapco Electric LLC. We offer electrical panel replacement services in the Waller, Katy & Spring, TX. You can count on our experienced electrician to check over your service panel and let you know whether you need one with more power output.

Contact Zapco Electric now to learn more about our electrical panel replacement services in Waller, Katy & Spring, TX. We can replace your faulty or outdated service panel in no time.

Do you really need an electric panel replacement?

Do you really need an electric panel replacement?

Depending on the age of your home and your electrical system, an electrical panel upgrade could keep you from facing costly repairs or high energy bills down the line. Consider upgrading your service panel if:

  • Your panel is too small
  • You're upgrading all of your household appliances
  • You've noticed an unusual increase in your energy bills
  • Your service panel uses fuses instead of circuit breakers



To schedule an electrical panel upgrade, call 281-507-5381 now. And be sure to ask about our service discounts.