Are You Prepared for a Blackout in the Waller, Katy & Spring, TX Area?

Here's why a generator installation is a smart investment

When a tree suddenly falls on a power line, your whole neighborhood in could lose power. If you're one of the lucky homeowners in the Waller, Katy & Spring, TX area, you've invested in a generator installation to keep your power on. If you're not, turn to Zapco Electric LLC to get a top-quality Generac generator installed. Our electrician will inspect your home and recommend the right generator for your needs.

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3 reasons to buy a generator

Zapco Electric provides whole-house generator installation services for homeowners in and around Waller, Katy & Spring, TX. We understand that a generator is a big purchase, which is why we offer convenient financing options.

Once you're prepared with a backup generator, you'll be able to:

  • Get immediate delivery of electricity when power goes out
  • Protect your home from surges when the power returns
  • Keep your food from going bad
  • Keep your home safe and comfortable

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